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CASSINA IXC. Ltd. Brands & Products
  • Cassina

    Established in Italy in the 17th century, Cassina is recognized as one of the few leading brands in the furniture field. The high level of craftsmanship and design beauty offered by the company’s products are unrivaled. The unparalleled satisfaction provided by Cassina furniture, as it is used in daily life, comes from the limitless appeal and novelty – unique features of the brand.

  • ixc

    With modern design as its cornerstone, IXC. is a brand comprising both licensed and original products. IXC. specializes in high-grade furniture and interior items. The extensive product lineup consists of original designs planned and developed in-house (IXC. Edition) and products selected from overseas brands (IXC. Selection), which allows the brand to respond flexibly to the diverse needs of its customers. IXC. is a conglomerate of several brands that has assembled a distinguished product lineup while also developing a strong brand name.